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Course Features
Language: English
7 hours on-demand video
11 Lessons
Study Level: Intermediate
Theory + Numericals + MCQs

Std 12- Complete Physics

SN Chapter Name
1 Rotational Dynamics
2 Mechanical Properties of Fluids
3 Kinetic Theory of Gases and Radiation
4 Thermodynamics
5 Oscillations
6 superposition of Waves
7 Wave Optics
8 Electrostatics
9 Current Electricity
10 Magnetic Fields due to Electric Current
11 Magnetic Materials
12 Electromagnetic Induction
13 AC Circuits
14 Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
15 Structure of Atoms and Nuclei
16 Semoconductor Devices

What is Swayam?

Swayam is a complete Home learning solution for Std.12 HSC Board students as per New Revised Syllabus . It includes classroom Video lectures by Maharashtra’s Top faculties, specially designed Online Test Series for Entrance exams and performance Monitoring .The Video lectures cover complete syllabus of PCMB Std 12th of  Maharashtra Board. Swayam is something students can refer to from anywhere, any-time to get the concepts clarified. Students can opt for Windows version for desktops / laptops or Android version for mobiles /Tabs.

Who Are Teachers?

All the Chemistry lectures are of Shilpa Navale Ma’am. All the physics lectures are of Amit Navale Sir. Maths lectures are of Amit Navale Sir and rs?Sagar Pokharkar Sir. Biology lectures are of Imran Sir and Poonam Ma’am

With 18 years of teaching experience and unique style, these teachers are extremely popular in Pune and rest of Maharashtra through Saptarshi’s YouTube Channel.

Can we buy for One or Two Subjects only?

Yes.You can buy for One subject or Multiple Subjects.

Who should buy?

  1. Students in Std 12th of Maharashtra board.
  2.  Students interested in giving MHT-CET examination based on Maharashtra Board
  3.  Students who wants to achieve Conceptual clarity for JEE/NEET entrance examinations.
  4. Students who have joined JEE classes and hence not getting enough time for attending board exam classes.
  5. Teachers.

Important features

  1. These are classroom lectures and covers complete theory and numerical problems.
  2.  Lectures are in Marathi- English
  3. Simple, Conceptual and Crisp
  4. Learn at your own speed with your convenient timings
  5. Go through concepts multiple times
  6. Tag important points for revision just before exam
  7. Can download lectures on your device and watch without internet.

Works on which devices?

  1. Windows version works on Desktop / Laptops
  2. Android version works on Android Phones / Android tablets

While ordering you need to specify whether you want Windows Version or Android Version.

How it will be Activated ?

    Once you make payment ,provide your email address and Mobile Number,we will send you link of required Android app or desktop software.You need to download and install the given app/software on your device. The activation process is easy and You will be guided for complete activation process by our technical expert.

Can same product be used on multiple devices?

1 Licensed Product can be activated on single device.It will not work if you copy to other device.

How to appear for test series ?

Once you make payment, you will get login ID password for online test. Online tests can be solved on multiple devices.

Is there any validity for product?

Validity for product is 1 year.


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