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Saptarshi’s –Science Math’s Aptitude Test is admission cum scholarship exam for students seeking admissions in 2year classroom programs or any foundation programs at either of saptarshi’s center.


What is this video-based course called Swayam?

Swayam is a video compilation of classroom lectures that covers complete syllabus of Physics Chemistry Std 12th of  Maharashtra Board. Swayam is something students can refer to from anywhere, any-time to get the concepts clarified. Students can opt for pen drive version for desktops or laptops and micro-sd card version for android phones.

This product consists of video lectures of physics, chemistry std 12 HSC board. These are classroom video lectures, covering complete theory with numerical problems. Simple Language and conceptual clarity are features of these video lectures.

Who are the teachers?

All the Chemistry lectures are of Shilpa Navale Ma’m and all the physics lectures are of Amit Navale Sir respectively.
With 17 years of teaching experience and unique style, these teachers are extremely popular in Pune and rest of Maharashtra through Saptarshi’s YouTube Channel.

Who should buy?

  1. Students in Std 12th of Maharashtra board for regular exam preparation.
  2.  Students interested in giving MHT-CET examination based on Maharashtra state board syllabus.
  3. Students who have joined JEE classes and hence not getting enough time for attending board exam classes.
  4. Teachers.

Important features

  1. These are classroom lectures and covers complete theory and numerical problems.
  2.  Lectures are in Marathi- English
  3. Simple, Conceptual and Crisp
  4. Learn at your own speed with your convenient timings
  5. Go through concepts multiple choice
  6. Tag important points for revision just before exam
  7. No need of internet, its completely offline.

Works on which devices?

  1. Windows version works on Desktop / Laptops
  2. Android version works on Android Phones / Android tablets

While ordering you need to specify whether you want pen drive for computers or Micro SD card for Phones/tablets.

How it will be delivered?

Once you make payment and provide your address, pen drive / Micro SD card containing containing all video lectures be send to you via courier or speed post. Normally it takes two to three working days for product to reach you.

Is there any validity for product?

Validity for product is 1 year.